• Total Retail Solutions

    Total Retail Solutions

    The simple fix for your complex retail headaches.
    Full featured, simple site management ready to run your retail sites. From bank-owned sites to struggling dealers, our Site Management Solution has helped dozens of clients with hundreds of under-performing assets.
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  • Small Operator?

    Small Operator?

    Get Big Time Support
    State of the Art Marketing, Technology, and Accounting services can free you to focus on your business.
    We can take the guesswork out of success.


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  • Trouble Finding Good Help?

    Trouble Finding Good Help?

    Our expert team has the skills and experience you need.
    Training, recruiting, management and more.
    Meet the retail experts

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End to End Solution for Small-Format Retail Locations

CMSI Retail Operations covers your business from administration, to fuel, to accounting, IT, and more.


What does CMSI do?

In simplest terms, we are experts in the art of retail. Our teams operate retail locations for companies who don’t have the desire, expertise, or infrastructure to operate them.
In some cases, our client’s vision or mission has shifted away from retail to some other core competency. In others, a real estate loan package, multi-site lease agreement or franchise relationship has proved unworkable to one or both parties and our client has an unanticipated retail portfolio that must perform in order to be sold profitably. In yet others, ownership of the business is in transition and the retail portion needs more attention than management can give it for an interim period.
The more sites we operate for you and the longer we run them the cheaper we become.  Any cost savings that we gain from economies of scale we pass on to you.
Of huge importance to most of our clients, we’ll do it with little or no notice. We have deployed our takeover teams to new markets with 24 hours notice - this sounds extreme, but it can happen when a multi-site dealer or franchisee simply walks away from a group of sites with no notice.  Guess what? We love the challenge of taking over sites and bringing up the site’s performance standards.
We offer a complete array of a la carte services, including:
  • Administrative Support: Operations, IT, HR, Permitting, and Licensure
  • Accounting Services: from Profit & Loss Statements to daily reporting
  • Financial Services: Retain your profits as we help you grow your retail business. Below average G&A Costs.
  • Marketing and Merchandising: Experts in buying, merchandising, promotions, and store design can help maximize your GP Dollars.
  • Limit Liability Exposure: Our best practices limit shrink, prevent slip and falls, and demand product liability coverage from vendors.
  • Store Operations: From cash to cleanliness, take advantage of our decades of C-store operations experience.
  • Staffing and Training: With a mature HR system, We can handle the hiring, firing, training, benefits, and compliance.
  • Vendor and Fuel Management: We have decades of experience negotiating the best deals and insuring environmental compliance regulations are met.
Whether it is a convenience store, fuel site, car wash, lube center, coffee shop, yogurt store, office building kiosk, snack shop, or any other small format retail location, CMSI is the solution to your retail needs.

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Got Retail Problems?

  • Do you have a retail site but don't want to run it?
  • Mid-night shift clerk not show up?
  • Inventory shrink above industry average?
  • Is the site under performing?
  • Health Care driving you nuts?
  • Customer Service not where it should be?
  • Low mystery shopper or brand image scores?
  • Are your dealers/tenants more pain than they are worth?
  • Do you want to have a professionally operated retail site and keep the profit?

CMSI is your solution. We operate small format stores for oil companies, fuel jobbers / distributors, banks, investors, real estate trusts, and anyone else who has a retail property in need of state of the art management.

We do it all, and we do it any where, with low overheads, a friendly expert staff, and decades of industry experience behind us.

Keep reading to see what we can do for you then contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and a proposal.

Where Do We Work?

  • Coast to Coast coverage. Alaska and Hawaii. Too!


    Great Question.

    We cover the US from coast to coast. And we’re not afraid of those non-contiguous states of Hawaii and Alaska.  If you have one site in California and one in Florida that you are having problems with, we can handle it for you.
    We’ve covered for oil companies that have moved away from direct retail operations and had some gaps between shutting down their retail operations and finding those last few dealers or franchisees.
    We’ve covered for financial institutions that may have had a balloon note come due on property that was suddenly worth 40% less than it was when the note was first written…and the borrower simply couldn’t close the gap.
    We’ve covered for investors who don’t want to operate retail locations but recognize that now is a really good time to buy retail property with an eye toward developing a retail network and selling it when the economy bounces back…a timing gap, so to speak.
    So chances are, we’ve got you covered, too.
    Just think of us as your gap-fillers.