22 Aug 2013 - 04:08 PM

Effective August 19, 2013, Convenience Management Services, Inc. (CMSI) has assumed management of the Victor, Idaho Gateway Convenience Store.

The location, at 420 S. Main, Victor, Idaho 83455, will implement CMSI's nationally recognized operations programs as well as expertise in marketing, human resources, accounting, store training, and technology.
Convenience Management Services, Inc. (www.cmsistores.com) is based in Temple, Texas and provides comprehensive retail site management services. CMSI has managed locations across the United States for major oil companies, banks, individual operators, and investment firms. Leveraging an experienced retail team, CMSI handles daily management, accounting, marketing implementation, human resources, and technology.


Where Do We Work?

  • Coast to Coast coverage. Alaska and Hawaii. Too!


    Great Question.

    We cover the US from coast to coast. And we’re not afraid of those non-contiguous states of Hawaii and Alaska.  If you have one site in California and one in Florida that you are having problems with, we can handle it for you.
    We’ve covered for oil companies that have moved away from direct retail operations and had some gaps between shutting down their retail operations and finding those last few dealers or franchisees.
    We’ve covered for financial institutions that may have had a balloon note come due on property that was suddenly worth 40% less than it was when the note was first written…and the borrower simply couldn’t close the gap.
    We’ve covered for investors who don’t want to operate retail locations but recognize that now is a really good time to buy retail property with an eye toward developing a retail network and selling it when the economy bounces back…a timing gap, so to speak.
    So chances are, we’ve got you covered, too.
    Just think of us as your gap-fillers.