Rapid Retail

Are you the owner or manager of a multi-tenant shopping center?  Do you have problems associated with tenant vacancies such as occupancy requirements, reduced foot traffic, or the unappealing site of dark store fronts?  CMSI’s Rapid Retail program can provide you with a quick fix.  Think of it as a pop-up store on steroids.  On short notice we can implement one of a variety of retail programs in the vacant space creating foot traffic and retail vibrancy while you acquire long-term tenants for the space.  Our assortment of retail offers is completely turn-key including signage, furniture, product selection, and staffing.  Thanks to our fee based approached you can determine the economic value of implementing the Rapid Retail solution before you commit to do so.

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    As we all know, the last month has brought devastation to various parts of our country. Hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Wildfires in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington state. Heat waves in New York and New Jersey. These natural events have had a huge impact on individuals, communities, and businesses. We operate stores in all of these states. Some of our team members have been directly affected by these events. We are thankful that no…
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    Everyone knows that theft is a major issue in the convenience store industry.   The general public hears about robberies in the media all of the time.  Convenience stores are caricatured as easy places to rob.  Many of our stores are open 24 hours a day giving people with bad intent places to go late at night like moths to a light bulb.   To an extent, this perception creates a self-fulfilling prophecy:  c-stores are robbed…